Mrs. fortune's Corner

Welcome Boulder Bulldogs!

  • My office hours are 7:30-3:30 Monday - Friday. You can e-mail me anytime at my name (Ashleymarie.Fortune) or leave me a voicemail at 480-507-1404 x1101.

  • To schedule an appointment students can ask me in person when they see me around campus, email me, ask their teacher to let me know, or Click HERE to fill out my student check in form and I will get an e-mail letting me know you would like to chat more.

  • I have a new helper, Miss Grace, who started with us on 1/5/21. Click here to learn more about her.

  • For a list of my favorite resources, click here to see the "Resources" tab.

  • Here is a video that my daughter and I made of us reading one of our favorite books, My Magic Breath.

Your school social worker,

Mrs. Fortune