Mission & Vision


The students of Emerson Elementary School will learn academic skills, moral and ethical values, and a respect for diversity. These skills and values will enable them to be strong leaders who can work together to share their thoughts and ideas to provide creative solutions in an ever-changing society.


Each member of the Emerson community contributes to a safe, positive, and respectful learning environment where:

  • All students can succeed and meet their maximum potential as lifelong learners

  • All staff members strive to make a positive difference in all students’ lives

  • Leadership and creativity are encouraged and supported

  • All staff members guide students to make good choices

Theory of Action


    • If we create a safe, welcoming, supportive school environment that honors diversity, removes obstacles, and emphasizes positive outcomes for students, then we will establish a culture of collaboration, strong relationships, and pride in our school.


    • If we emphasize positive character traits, follow the 7 Habits, and provide leadership opportunities, then students will become compassionate, confident, productive global citizens.


    • If we promote a growth mindset, foster creativity, and teach students to work hard and persevere, then they will become determined, self-driven, intrinsically-motivated, adaptable critical thinkers and problem solvers.


    • If we focus on the whole child, incorporate Project-Based Learning and interest-based activities, and emphasize the joy of learning, then we will build happy, independent, lifelong learners who are inspired to teach themselves.