Residency Validation

Residency validation is required at the time of enrollment, and may be required at any time. Please be advised that according to Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 75, Section 5, the Georgetown Public School District is not required to enroll a student who does not reside in our community. The only exception is those students legally enrolled through the state's school choice program.

If you are not a legal resident, it will be necessary for you to withdraw your child from the Georgetown School District and register him/her in the school district where you reside. It is important that you do this as soon as possible so that the transition to their new school will be a smooth one.

Under Massachusetts Laws Chapter 76, Section 5, only students who actually reside with in Georgetown may enroll in the Georgetown School District. In order to verify residence within the Town, a student enrolling in the Georgetown School District must provide documentation of actual residence. In addition to providing such documentation at the time of initial enrollment, the school administration may request verification at any later time if there is doubt of actual residence. In addition, the School District will require the parents to pay in full to the Town ofGeorgetown if we determine that your child is residing in Georgetown for the sole purpose of attending school. The School District reserves the right to require additional information to establish residency.

All applicants for enrollment must submit at least one document each from Column A, B, and C and any other documents that may be requested, including but not limited to those from Column A, B, or C (noted below). A parent, guardian, or student who is unable to produce the required documents should contact the Superintendent of Schools.

Students who are considered homeless or who are in foster care are eligible for immediate enrollment without having to meet the procedures listed above. Georgetown Public Schools will work with all military families to help facilitate transitions for students. Please see school committee policies JFABD, JFABE, and JFABF for more information in these areas, or contact the Director of Student Services at (978) 352 – 5777 x. 100. Jack Tiano serves as the Point of Contact for Foster Care and Military Families, as well as the Homeless Liaison.