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More than just a Science Fair, STEM Expo offers a place students to exhibit their work alongside entertainment and learning opportunities for the entire family - including expert presentations, STEM educators, real scientists and interactive events. We allow young minds to experience an innovative environment of hands-on science. STEM Expo enables students to explore their interests and talents by offering seven elective categories from which students can choose: Infernal Contraptions, Intelligence & Behavior, Science Fiction, Living Things, Reverse Enginnering & Invention, The Physical Universe, Robotics & Computation.

Students have the option to compete with their project, or simply display it for viewing and evaluation. Collaborative groups are permitted to work on projects together and, in the non-competitive arena, even parents and mentors can work in tandem with students.

In addition to all this, we are proud to be the official county affiliate for the California State Science Fair (CSSF). A student entry in STEM Expo is often the first step that can lead to recognition as one of the top young scientists in California.

STEM Expo is becoming recognized as the model for the next generation of student science competitions. We have presented our concept and format to educational conferences around the country, and many other locations are replacing their traditional science fairs with STEM Expo based events that get the students excited about Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

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We've since changed the name, but this video was developed back in October, 2017 to explain the major differences between the Glenn STEM Expo and traditional science fairs.