Inspired by Placer County's STEM Expo.

Registration is now CLOSED for the 2020 Glenn STEM EXPO.

See you at the main event!

Project Dropoff: 12pm - 6pm - Tuesday, March 10th

Main Event: 5:30pm - 7:30pm - Wednesday, March 11th

Flaherty Hall, Glenn County Fairgrounds

Open to the public!

More than just a Science Fair!

Glenn County STEM Expo is an innovative alternative to the typical science fair - striving to give students a place to exhibit their work alongside entertainment and learning opportunities for the whole family – including STEM based activities and interactive exhibits from local scientists, organizations, schools, and companies.

Check out our growing video series highlighting developments for this year's STEM Expo!

2019 GCOE STEM Expo

Watch this video highlighting the 2019 event!

Video produced by Adrienne Boone from Hamilton High School

Glenn County STEM Expo is proud to be the official Glenn County affiliate for the California State Science Fair.