Blended Learning Toolkit

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Instructional materials are accessible and aligned to support teaching and learning.

Learner needs drive the design of operational elements - grouping, space, and time.

Training Resources

A repository for other resources that may not fit neatly into the guiding principles.  Think videos, lesson plans, student generated materials, and others.

Creative facilitators who take risks and continue to learn.

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Welcome to Temple ISD's archival location for all things Blended Learning! 

 This is a dynamic site where we can collect resources to help build capacity and sustain a working model for the benefits of our students.  This is YOUR site!  Help us to keep it fluid and alive.

Watch our own Meridith Dunbar Early Childhood Academy teachers show you how to use data to drive your instruction in a blended learning environment! Thanks to Denise Chisolm, Kerri Sanchez, and Alexandria Lewis.