Gloucester county Public Schools

Curriculum Resources Site for Families


Greetings! Beginning August 2021, this site will host Curriculum Resources for Gloucester County Public Schools. We will continue to add resources to this site though out the the 2021-2022 school year. Check back regularly for updates. Content area specific resource pages can be accessed via the main navigation menu along the top of your screen.

GCPS curriculum is based on VDOE curriculum documents. This site will host or link to resources available to the public. This will include Virginia SOL documents (standards, blueprints, and curriculum frameworks).

Curriculum specialists and coordinator will maintain each content area.

Dr. Bess Worley, Director of Assessment & Evaluation, Fine & Performing Arts

Melanie Jenkins, Elementary Math

Kristen Heaney, Secondary Math

Dr. Jennifer McSweeney, Elementary English/Language Arts

Jenna Dominguez, Secondary English/Language Arts

Katie Litton, Elementary and Secondary Science

Katie Litton, Elementary and Secondary History/Social Studies

Dr. Jennifer Tingley, Students with Disabilities

For content-specific questions, please contact the designated curriculum specialist.

For general questions about this Google Site, please contact Tricia Dowdy at