The UWCSEA Counselling Departments provide a professional counselling service that supports and enhances the personal growth, resilience and well-being of their respective campus communities.

We offer a confidential, empathetic empowerment service that enhances student well-being. Through both a preventative and responsive approach, we support the social-emotional development of students and work collaboratively with parents and families in times of individual or collective need.

We aim to provide a developmentally appropriate service which could include any or all of the following: the provision of confidential individual or group counselling; preventative workshops for students; information sessions and workshops for parents; effective liaison with parents and teachers; as well as consultation with parents and staff.

In addition to our contact information under the Dover and East Counselling tabs, you will find an ever growing list under 'Resources' that we feel will be helpful to parents, staff and students.

Please feel very welcome to contact us or make yourselves known to us next time you are on either campus.