Social Mind And Behavior Lab

Welcome to the Social Mind And Behavior Lab at the Department of Psychology and Cognitive Sciences of the University of Trento, Italy. The SMAB lab is directed by Prof. Maria Paola Paladino and Prof. Jeroen Vaes. We study how the social world models our minds and shapes our behavior. Specifically, our research focuses on the way we perceive others and adapt our behavior towards them.

On the perceivers side, many of our current projects revolve around the concept of dehumanization: How, why and when do we see other people as less than human? In this line of research, we also study the concept of sexual objectification that investigates when women are seen and treated as objects.

On the behavioral side, our recent projects focus on the way people regulate their personal distance and represent the space that surrounds their body.

Our lab utilizes insights and multiple methodologies from social and cognitive psychology, and social neuroscience including immersive virtual reality, cognitive behavioral measures, EEG, physiological measures (e.g., HRV and EDA), ...

We welcome undergraduate and graduate students and refer to the researchers’ main page for more detailed information about current thesis and internship topics.