Welcome to the Social Mind And Behavior Lab at the Department of Psychology and Cognitive Sciences of the University of Trento, Italy. The SMaB Lab is directed by Prof. Maria Paola Paladino and Prof. Jeroen Vaes

Our background is in social psychology, a field of behavioral science that examines how people shape and are shaped by the social context. 

In our studies, we integrate insights and methodologies from social psychology (e.g. behavioral measures as questionnaires, reactions time) with those coming from other related fields as cognitive psychology, and social neuroscience (e.g. EEG, physiological measures such as HRV and EDA). 

Our research originates in response to real-world social issues or scientific debate and is aimed to generate new scientific knowledge and to apply them to improve society.

We welcome undergraduate and graduate students and refer to the research or to the get involved main page for more detailed information about current thesis and internship topics.