Where are they now ?

After completing their expeditions the students move onto Further education training or work.

A QE Explore Alumni page is established on facebook to allow everyone to stay in touch.

The former explorers have gone on to do a large number of things, and the examples below are a tiny snap shot of what they are all doing now.

Tess Bettison ( Botswana ) "Completed my second year at the University of Birmingham studying international relations and I'm off to Ontario in Canada for my year abroad in September! Spent last summer working in an American summer camp "

Ryan Bishop (Namibia) "I'm in the final year of my PhD in Oncology at the Hallamshire Hospital in Sheffield. Before that I did my biomedicine undergrad at UEA and also did some teaching in the South of Thailand!"

Abi Long ( Botswana) "Graduated last year from Edge hill university with a first, went travelling for 3.5 months around Japan Start masters in September"

Emileigh Cobb (Costa Rica) "In the 3rd month of travelling around Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand. Going to Northumbria in September but afterwards I would love to come back out to Oz on a years working visa!"

Marran Turner (Romania) "I'm in Coimbra for a month learning Portuguese at the uni here. Then have a month internship with Nancy Town Council in France"

Abie Hearmon (Ethipoia)

I'm in third year of medicine at uni of Leicester!

Sarah Stead (Botswana)

In the army !

Liam Coward (Nepal) Finished my second year at Leeds Beckett studying Computer Forensics and Security. Started my years placement as a network security and IT technician for a year on Monday. Doing my travels next summer!

Charlotte Hullah (Namibia)"I'm teaching food and textiles technology at a secondary school in Ripon!"

Connor Rutherford (Costa Rica) "I was studying Geology at Bristol. I then went travelling around Europe for 5 weeks; went to Switzerland, Croatia, Slovenia etc. Off to Leeds to study Physical Geography soon"

Jodh Badyl (Nepal) Just finished second year at university of Manchester doing chemical engineering , went interrailing after college and heading to Canada and California later this summer

Molly Ward (Nepal) Finished second year at University of Manchester studying Engineering and Material science. Went interrailing round Europe after college then last year also went to Croatia and Barcelona. In July I'm taking part in a volunteer programme in a rural village in Kerela, India for a month and a half

Ellie Stansfield (Nepal) Finished my masters in Law and completed my LPC. Graduate next month! Applying for training contracts starting next September to become a qualified solicitor. In the meantime spending two months in Italy starting in July teaching a family English

Suzanne Goulder (Ethiopia) Just finished 3rd year of engineering at Cambridge. Have mostly been spending my summers interning but taking a week off in July to go to South Africa to compete at the world university powerlifting championships

Emma Partridge (Nepal ) Just finished second year at Uni of Bath doing Politics and IR! Volunteered with disabled young adults in Romania for a few weeks last summer

Amy Jane Metcalfe (Ethiopia) Currently finishing a year abroad in the Netherlands and returning to the UK for my final year of uni! Been doing lots of travelling around Europe this year and venturing to Morocco this summer!

Shaun Elgie (Nepal )Just finished second year doing Chemistry at Birmingham, travelled round Europe a bit last year and going Barcelona in summer before moving to France for a year!!

Josh Fick (Botswana) About to sit my penultimate medical finals exam today then heading off to Norway for 6 weeks with m to explore/work in a psychiatric hospital.

Anna Wilson (Costa Rica) This summer I'm volunteering at festivals Glastonbury, Kendal Calling & Leeds.

Callum Scott (Zambia) I've finished my penultimate medical final exam and start final year in August;

Ross Townsend ( ) Currently in Budapest, been away in Eastern Europe for a month now, will probably spend another month or so out here, current rough plan is to head west and then up to Scandinavia in a few weeks, nothing fixed though