What is QE Explore ?

QE Explore is an overseas expedition designed to provide an educational travel experience that enables students to develop important life skills, whilst providing rewards far beyond the expedition itself.

Travelling to a country and engaging with another culture brings an awareness and skills that cannot be gained from a text book. Students return with more self and global awareness with many going on to do further voluntary work overseas.

QE expeditions focus on projects to aid the local community. The expedition is typically spent working alongside a local community or on a conservation project. All projects offer the chance to contribute something meaningful back to a local area. Many are based in rural and remote areas where students live and interact with local people, offering an unrivalled cultural experience.

Typical project tasks include: renovating school facilities; building additional school classrooms, dormitories or toilet blocks; establishing a clean water supply; designing playgrounds; planting vegetable gardens; mending or putting up fencing; building traditional housing for vulnerable members of a community.

Students return from their expedition with increased energy and enthusiasm and a sense that if they really apply themselves, there’s no limit to what they can do.