St. Laurent School

Sensory Floors

Over the summer a group of staff came into the school and installed a sensory floor for our students. This floor has been a tremendous success and our students have been loving it. There are several themes throughout the building, including; 

Seven Teachings

Video Games

Leap Frog

Yoga / Stretches


Hawks Ninja Warrior

and more!

Next time you are in the building, please take a peek! They are located in front of the gym, grade 7 room,  and all around the library. 

Teacher Idea Fund

A team of teachers applied and received $166,500 over five years through the teacher idea fund to infuse Indigenous Education into our school. Some of the categories that we received funds for are:

Michif Language

Building Traditional Drums

Indigenous Visual Arts

Raised Gardens

Building Traditional Moccasins

Infusing St. Laurent School with Métis and Indigenous cultural exploration has been extremely successful so far. We started this initiative in 2021/2022 and are entering our third year (2023/2024). This project has touched the lives of every single person in our building and has provided students with ample opportunities to explore Indigenous culture in ways they never had opportunities to before.

Feel free to reach out to our office to learn more.