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Total Raised = $61,070 Donations are still being accepted! We will keep the GoFundMe accounts open for any who want to participate and continue to support #Run4Allison in the future.

Recap: During the #Run4Allison marathon, Cowboy fans led at mile 25, so Mr. Hermans finished in a Cowboy's jersey. Late donations by Packer fans pulled them ahead by mile 26.2 to finish the race! What a great testimony to the giving hearts of both fan bases! Thank you Packer fans!! Thank you Cowboy fans!!!

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Campaign started 4/14/18 and ends 5/20/18

How will it work?

In support of Allison and Oral Cancer Research, Coppell MS West Assistant Principal, Bruce Hermans, will run his first marathon, the Cellcom Green Bay Marathon on May 20, 2018 in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Mr. Hermans will race wearing the winning team's jersey as he crosses the finish line in famed Lambeau Field. Will it be Packers or Cowboys?

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Two rival football GoFundMe accounts are accepting donations for Allison: Click a link to donate

Click here -> PackersRun4Allison or CowboysRun4Allison <-Click here

Who loves their team more? Cast your vote by donating funds to support Allison and her family with medical bills and lost income. Funds will also support the Oral Cancer Foundation.


Allison Hartzell is the 10 year accomplished choral director at Coppell Middle School West and is battling Stage 4 tongue and head and neck cancer. Only 10 months after extensive chemotherapy and radiation she has had a recurrence of squamous cell carcinoma. Since being diagnosed only a year ago, she has been fighting this devastating disease with positivity and courage. Her fighting spirit moved West to do something to help! Inspired by runner, West Assistant Principal, Bruce Hermans' creative idea of Run4Allison and West learner's compassionate hearts, the entire school will complete a Challenge Based Learning Project (CBL) to see which football team has the most dedicated fans through donations to support Mrs. Hartzell.

*Funds raised beyond the family needs will go to Cancer Research via the "Oral Cancer Foundation".