This resource guide should assist you in connecting to the VPN, forwarding your phone, and how to schedule a WebEx meeting. As more resources are developed for working remotely they will be be added here. Next on the agenda will be adding accessible mobile applications for use.

As you begin to work from home, try to only operate with the essentials, mainly your laptop. See what is essential for success, and what resources you need to be successful working remotely. This may be your keyboard and mouse, a second monitor, or printer and scanner.

On this site review the checklist to make sure you are prepared in case of an extended absence from the office. If you need help completing any of the items below please refer to the instructions page, or send a message to and cc: your local support person.

Some questions to consider while working remotely:

  • Do I really need to print? If so, how much, and how long could I go without printing? Do I need to print in color or B&W?

  • Do I need to scan? If so, how much? Can I scan to a mobile app using my cell phone?

  • How reliable is my home internet? If not very reliable, is there another location nearby I could utilize for work?

  • Do I need a second monitor? Do I have a Monitor or TV at home I could use?

  • Will Voicemail appear in my email? Have I forwarded my phone?

  • What other Clemson sites do I access on a regular basis? Are they accessible remotely?

  • How would I contact a student or colleague from home? Would I use my cell phone or do I need another way to contact them?

  • What guidelines do I need to follow for FERPA/HIPPA or other regulatory agencies that may be impacted by being away from the main workplace?

  • Can I continue to work on my research away from the office?