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P L O T    S Y N O P S I S

Act I

In the village square, the Town Crier proclaims: "The Prince Is Giving a Ball" to celebrate Prince Christopher's 21st birthday. The ladies of the kingdom are thrilled at the prospect of meeting him. Cinderella, whose father has died, takes care of the home of her ill-tempered and selfish stepmother and two stepsisters. She carries all of their shopping parcels for them, and when they return home, all three order Cinderella about. Left alone in her corner near the fire, she dreams of living an exotic life as a princess or anything other than a servant ("In My Own Little Corner"). Meanwhile, the King and Queen get ready for the big celebration ("Royal Dressing Room Scene") and the servants discuss the planning for the feast ("Your Majesties"). They hope that their son will find a suitable bride, but the Prince is a bit apprehensive about meeting all the eager women of the kingdom. The Queen is touched by overhearing the King's discussion with his son and tells him she loves him ("Boys and Girls Like You and Me" [sometimes omitted, not sung in any of the telecasts]).

As Cinderella's stepsisters get ready for the Ball, hoping that they will catch the Prince's eye, they laugh at Cinderella's dreams. After they leave Cinderella imagines having gone with them ("In My Own Little Corner" (reprise)). Cinderella's Fairy Godmother appears and is moved by Cinderella's wish to go to the Ball. She transforms Cinderella into a beautifully gowned young lady and her little mouse friends and a pumpkin into a glittering carriage with footmen ("Impossible; It's Possible"); Cinderella leaves for the Ball.

Act II

Cinderella arrives at the palace at 11:30; before she enters, her Godmother warns her not to stay past midnight. The Prince is bored by the attention of all the young ladies with whom he has had to dance, including the stepsisters. Cinderella's grand entrance immediately attracts everyone's attention and intrigues the Prince. They dance together and instantly fall in love ("Ten Minutes Ago"). Seeing the Prince with a beauty whom they do not recognize, the stepsisters ask why he wouldn't prefer a "usual" girl like them ("Stepsisters' Lament"). As the Prince and Cinderella dance he declares his love for her ("Do I Love You Because You're Beautiful?"). As they embrace, the clock strikes midnight and Cinderella flees before the magic wears off, but in her haste she leaves behind a glass slipper.


The next morning, Cinderella's stepmother and stepsisters reminisce about the Ball and find that Cinderella is very intuitive about what it must have been like going to the Ball ("When You're Driving Through the Moonlight") and dancing with the Prince ("A Lovely Night"). Meanwhile, the Prince is searching for the woman with whom he danced and who fled so quickly from the Ball. One of the royal guards tries the slipper on all the women of the kingdom ("The Search"). At Cinderella's house, the slipper will not fit any of the ladies. Cinderella's stepmother tries to steer the guard away from Cinderella, but she is not home; she is hiding in the Palace garden. The guard returns to the palace garden and informs the Prince that he has not found the missing girl. The guard then sees Cinderella hiding and places her under arrest. Prodded by the Fairy Godmother, he tries the slipper on Cinderella. It fits, and the Prince is called back to the garden where he recognizes his beloved ("Do I Love You Because You're Beautiful?" (reprise)). Cinderella and the Prince marry.

2 0 2 4    C A S T    L I S T


Cinderella...Kate Anglim Th. PM/Sat. Mat.

Alexandra Vlachos Fr. PM/Sat. PM

Fairy Godmother...Haley Hendershot Th. PM/Sat. Mat.

Taylor Space Fr. PM/Sat. PM

Stepmother...Angelina Bevilacqua Th. PM/Sat. Mat.

Ava Duras Fr. PM/Sat. PM

Grace (stepsister)...Autumn Bollinger Th. PM/Sat. Mat.

Katie Edwards Fr. PM/Sat. PM

Joy (stepsister)...Hannah Wright Th. PM/Sat. Mat.

Olivia Davis Fr. PM/Sat. PM

Christopher (prince)...Nate Lennon Th. PM/Sat. Mat.

DJ Placente Fr. PM/Sat. PM

Lionel (royal steward)...Francesco Silvestrini Th. PM/Sat. Mat.

Trevor Munoz Fr. PM/Sat. PM

Queen Constantina...Sophia Maiorano

King Maximillian...Cole Gibson

Charles (cat who turns into coachman)...Charles Hambley

4 White Mice (who turn into horses)...Michaela Derasmo

Anna Gibson

London Orofino

Dove (who turns into footman)...Kristin Tveter 


4 Village Women (sung quartet)...Kaylee Doris

Anna Gibson

McKenna Martin

London Orofino

Dance Captain...Kristin Tveter

Student Director(s)...Sophia Maiorano


(Villagers/Merchants/Maidens/Palace Guests/etc.)

Kate Anglim     Anna Gibson     McKenna Martin

Angelina Bevilacqua     Cole Gibson     Julia McCormick

Dillon Boeckel     Brenna Grant     Trevor Munoz

Autumn Bollinger     Charles Hambley     Danielle Oleksiak

Anastasia Cirone     Landon Hedstrom     London Orofino

Morgan Coffey     Haley Hendershot     DJ Placente

Jake Cooney     Iris Houghton     Francesco Silvestrini

Catherine Cunningham     CJ Kanne     Taylor Space

Olivia Davis     Kyleigh Kershner     Lillian Turk

Kaylee Doris     Grace LaFountain     Kristin Tveter

Ava Duras     Nate Lennon     Alexandra Vlachos

Emma Duras     Zac Lennon     Hannah Wright

Madeline Duncan     Quinn Lessing     Carlie Zentil

Michaela Derasmo     Sophia Maiorano

Katie Edwards

Dear 4th & 5th Grade Cinderella “Auditioners”,

We are SO VERY PROUD of all of you for the OUTSTANDING auditions we heard on Thursday evening!  The talent at the elementary level is TREMENDOUS!  You should all be very proud of yourselves for having the courage to audition for the high school musical.  The students who have been selected for the cast of “Cinderella” are listed below.  If you were not cast in the musical, we would like to offer you a complimentary ticket to the matinee performance on Saturday, February 10 at 3PM.  Please let Mr. Weber know ( if you will be attending, and he will have a ticket held for you at the door.

Thank you all again!  You are all amazing!

Most sincerely,

The “Cinderella” Production Team


Bayley Becker

Paige Carney

Jackson Gonzalez

Sophie Hughes

Liam Luchese

Ella Manley

AJ Marchetta

Juliet Raymond

Janie Ricci

Alice Wisniewski