Proficiency Based Learning

Proficiency-Based Learning and Assessment at BFA Fairfax

Proficiency-Based Learning Practices at BFA are transparent, predictable, and consistent across the school. Content Indicators and Transferable Skills are clearly specified for each learning activity. Learning Scales define learning and map growth toward Proficiency. Feedback, reflection, and formative assessment inform instruction prior to summative assessment.

Proficiency Based Graduation Information Nights

March 13, March 26, and April 11 at 6:30 PM in the MultiPurpose Room

February 12, 2019 Letter from Principal John Tague


Proficiency-based learning shifts the focus of education toward the demonstration of knowledge and skills through a variety of experiences as a measure of success and away from seat time and point collection. Students provide and share evidence of their learning and growth throughout their time in high school in order to demonstrate readiness for the next steps of their learning.

Vermont’s Act 77 requires proficiency-based graduation for all students by 2020. BFA students will be able to demonstrate proficiency by taking classes, through dual enrollment, work based learning, community partnerships and any other experience that allows them to provide evidence of their learning. In a proficiency based system, all learning counts.

BFA is working to put students in charge of their learning. We are developing flexible pathways toward graduation based on our students’ Personalized Learning Plans. At BFA, we hope to answer the question “What is best for this student?” for every student through choice, voice, and personalization.

BFA Fairfax's Glossary of Proficiency Terms

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