Classroom by Design

As we started to think about resources that FUSD teachers might need, an idea for a teacher hub that would give easy access to links, videos, resources, and ideas came about. Teaching is an art which requires various components. Our hope is that you will utilize this site to collaborate, highlight, and refine what you do in your classroom. FUSD is a district by design so our classrooms need to also be designed to maximize student learning and achievement. How will you engage your students? How will you promote collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and creativity? Revolutionize your classroom by integrating technology that enhances students' access to the curriculum.

are you looking for Instructional coaching and support?

Everyday throughout our district, you work in one of the most challenging and critical professions to positively impact our students' futures and dreams. Here is the place where you can request support to develop new skills and improve on others.

District Math Support

District ELA Support

School Site Instructional Coach Support

If field trips don't require permission slips...

You Chromebook!

You you collect classwork with a click...

You Chromebook!

Explore the link to see how you can transform your classroom with Chromebook apps and tools.


Share your ideas with us. As we move to a culture of collaboration, we want to make sure we have an open line of communication for all teachers to share their ideas. If you have a new idea, please share and we will promote it here every month.

“The most valuable resource that all teachers have is each other. Without collaboration our growth is limited to our own perspectives.”

-Robert John Meehan