School Partnerships


Educators dream big

It's who we are. Striving to make a difference in the world, educators face some of the most challenging problems of our time. But we never lose hope, and we never stop dreaming of a better future for our students. In our minds, we imagine a path for them to achieve their potential. There has to be a way forward. All we need is a little change! We know which levers we'd like to pull on to make a difference...

But it's never quite that easy.

Change is hard

No matter what it is, we all face resistance when we start doing things differently. This is particularly true in the world of education, where our practice is such a large part of who we are. To make it worse, we are constantly being confronted with budget constraints, scheduling conflicts, and the all-too-common, "But that's not how we usually do it." 

Without a comprehensive plan to create and sustain positive change, it can feel like making a difference is impossible. But it doesn't have to be like that. 

a way forward

Though it may seem daunting, organizational change happens every day. In fact, it happens so often, and in such a wide variety of organizations that the process of change has been refined to a science. Dr. John Kotter has developed 'The 8 Step Process for Leading Change', which gives leaders an evidence based framework for making a difference within their organization. 

Fulcrum's goal is to walk with your organization through that process from start to finish. School partnerships begin with a consultation to identify specific areas you'd like to target for development. Then, we will work together to conduct a program evaluation and set ambitious goals for your organization. Next, we will co-develop a comprehensive professional development plan that reaches 3 to 5 years into the future. Finally, Fulcrum will create and deliver custom PD at your school site, providing all necessary resources and email support for the duration of the partnership. 

Areas For Professional Development Include: