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Elevate your Teaching

Fulcrum's workshop catalog includes a range of topics centered around inclusion, accessibility, and student empowerment. There are no prerequisites for any of the trainings being offered. However, many of the concepts below are closely related and can be used in combination with each other. Teachers will leave each workshop with specific skills and resources they can use in their classrooms right away. Click on the workshop title to reserve your place, as there are only 20 spots available for each meeting date. Please come prepared to create, share, and ask questions during our time together. 

Co-Planning & Co-Teaching

The Principles of UDL

PBL: Planning & Management

PBL: Assessment & Scaffolding

Mastery Based Grading

Instructional Design: G.E.L.

Autonomy Supportive Teaching

Re-Thinking Discipline

Trauma Informed Classrooms

Stress, Health, & Mental Wellness

A.I. For Educators

A.I. For Students


Our platform is designed to empower educators who are eager to instigate meaningful change within their schools. By leveraging Fulcrum's workshops, you can inspire your colleagues and cultivate a coalition of like-minded educators committed to progress. Encourage your peers to explore our workshops, or even better, sign up for one together as a team. As momentum builds and the desire for change becomes a collective voice, you can advocate for a school partnership with Fulcrum. We're here to support sustained growth with continuous professional development and resources. 

With Fulcrum, you're not just teaching, you're leading change.