High Leverage Professional Development Designed To Improve Student Outcomes

Elevate your teaching! 

Teachers: Select a workshop from our library to bring new skills and ideas into your classroom. 

Leverage our knowledge and experience! 

School Leaders: Collaborate with Fulcrum to design and implement your school's long-term professional development program.

Who is Fulcrum? 

Tim Regalado, Ed.D., is the founder of Fulcrum Education Partners, Inc. This project is part of his vision to create a more inclusive, accessible, and empowering school experience for all students. Tim's work in special education, school leadership, and curriculum design leaves him uniquely positioned to support like-minded educators across the K-12 landscape. 

Get to know Tim, his philosophy of education, and what inspires him in the Blog

How can Fulcrum help? 

Fulcrum's Professional Development is designed through the lens of Kotter's Theory of Organizational Change and delivered through the Guided Experiential Learning framework. Each of our products are thoughtfully constructed to encourage schools and classrooms to embrace the fundamental changes that benefit students most. Fulcrum Workshops are intended to target high leverage skills that teachers can implement immediately. School Partnerships are designed to achieve lasting organizational change by co-developing long term goals and PD programming with the Fulcrum team. We are dedicated to making a difference in the lives of students and are prepared to walk with you through the change process, seeing it out to the very end.