Front Page Inc.

Front Page Inc.

Matt Page is an author, a writer, a content wrangler, a business development leader, and an all-around good guy. He is dedicated to helping you plan, draft, edit, and complete your submissions, regardless of audience.

The Magic

Writing needs to be clean, concise, and compelling. You want to hit your audience square between the eyes with your message and get them to act, fast. The magic in Matt's writing is getting your voice, your words, and your message to your audience in a way that draws not only their attention but their desire to act on what they've read. Matt's goal is to make your message sound just like you - without you ever having to put pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard, as the case may be.


Each piece is a new and exciting challenge. Matt is comfortable with tackling any communication challenge that you or your organization might be facing. So if need help with website content, blogging, an important speech, social media strategy, ghost writing, articles, scripting and poorly drawn storyboards, or a gripping Haiku, you've come to the right place. Matt's happy to help and excited to learn more about your challenges.

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