Freeport Schools

Instructional & Informational 


The Instructional Technology Department provides resources that support curriculum and instruction and promote engaged and meaningful student learning and achievement, enhance the teaching process, and facilitate communication. Through a rich array of technology tools, students attain the knowledge they need to make learning discoveries.  


The primary purpose of our school system is to teach all children how to learn and to foster in each child the desire for lifelong learning. We are committed to providing the means for intellectual, emotional, ethical, social and physical growth for cultural and ethnic diversity, which will assist every individual in becoming informed and productive participant in our democratic society. With the advancements of Educational Technology we are always planning an enhanced environment for effective teaching and learning fostering an atmosphere of cooperation, respect, and collaboration among students, staff and community. Information and technology must be used as a tool in the learning process. Educators must also be able to facilitate active and personalized learning for students. Support staff members must demonstrate proficiency in their areas of responsibility.


High quality instructional technologies will be used in all classrooms in the Freeport Public School District. These instructional technologies will support students and teachers in daily, effective use of technology with the new Next Generation Learning Standards and we will fully implement Next Generation learning standard-based lessons by September 2020 to achieve high outcomes for students. Each student will realize his or her full potential. The advancements of technology continues to evolve and present many options to personalize learning and teaching. It sets new standards to teach new required skills for all the students we educate. For our students to be competitive and College and Career Ready we need to be able to gather student data, analyze it and utilize gathered information for the purpose of personalize teaching, and increased communications between teachers, students and parents.