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Mission Statement 

The goals of BFMS/The Gereau Center guidance programs are to assist students in making adjustments in various situations, in self understanding, and in setting goals that make full use of each student’s potential for educational, personal, social, and vocational success. Each student has been assigned a school counselor. Students are encouraged to visit their school counselor as needed. A pass is required before going to guidance.


Middle School Counselors…


1) encourage parents' continued involvement in their children's education.

2) are available to meet with parents, as well as students, to discuss concerns.

3) assist students in making the transition from the elementary to the middle school and from the middle school to high school.

4) maintain and interpret student records (test scores, etc.).

5) make support groups available to students to assist with social, emotional, and academic concerns.


Franklin County Public Schools Comprehensive Guidance Program


The Franklin County Comprehensive Guidance Program will help students become positive, productive citizens in our society . This will be accomplished by stressing personal and social

development, career and educational decision making

skills, and academic growth.





K12 Objectives


1) Counsel with students individually and in small groups.

2) Provide guidance and information services to students in small groups and in classroom settings.

3) Consult with parents, teachers, administrators and others about student issues and needs.

4) Provide information and activities which will developmentally give students sufficient

experiences to possess the skills necessary to make informed "tentative" career decisions.

5) Assist students in making a smooth transition from elementary school, middle school, high school, and post secondary


6) Communication with area businesses and industries to keep informed about the changing workplace.


The guidance department will conduct the state testing program, arrange for registration, monitor student attendance, counsel students, and assist teachers with guidance problems.