JUMPSTART Training Events have two key components:

1. They are free for all attendees

2. They allow all participants to provide sessions that further the FRC community

JUMPSTART Training Events were created back in 2014 when 4607’s Captain saw a need for training sessions for FRC teams in Central Minnesota. This drive led to creations of two different projects for 4607: The Central Minnesota Robotics Hub and the JUMPSTART Training Events.

How does JUMPSTART help me?

  • Peer to peer training

  • Insights for the upcoming season

  • Advancing team objectives

  • Networking with other teams

  • All you can eat food for FREE!!!!

Nov. 14th, 2021

2021 date TBA

2021 date TBA

Dec. 5th, 2020


This event will be staffed by an LRI and two CSA’s. The LRI will provide ‘hot off the press’ 2020 robot checklist and the two CSA’s will aid in checking through code, connectivity, etc. prior to bag and tag. Every team that attended the previous SpecCheck’s have been notified of discrepancies in robot build, code, or connectivity. It is worth the short drive to ensure that your team is on the right path – do not wait until a Week Zero event, or even Regionals to find out your robot is not in spec.