Business Leads: Noah B. and Noelle K.

What does Business do? 

The business team is our main source for sponsors. They work directly with sponsors to organize sponsor visits. Besides just working with sposors they also work on all of our documentation within the team.

How Do Our Sponsors Impact Our Team?

Sponsors are the pillars of our team. They help provide the program with mentors, opportunities and funding for our team.  The sponsors that help our team also help provide mentors that assist every department. These sponsors also provide opportunities to 4607 students and alumni with internships and job openings. Just last year, two of our many sponsors had some of our 4607 graduates internship at their companies. Lastly, our sponsors help our team be sustainable financially throughout the season. 

(If you are interested in sponsoring us please see our Sponsors Page.)

Business Plan

Each year the business team goes through and makes an extensive business plan. Just this year we have added multiple new events that we have created or done to help our sponsors. 

2023 Business Plan