Our team is split into 11 departments each of which is in charge of a different aspect of the team

Quality Control works to find possible failures in the design through dFMEA, writes failures in pFMEA, and makes sure all technical departments push the best products out.

The Engineering department, throughout the season, will design the drive-train, frame and game mechanisms, prototype, engineer pneumatic system, and assist build team. They use Onshape to CAD everything that will be put on the robot.

The strategy team evaluates the game manual, creates a list of importance for the robot, decides the type of robot we engineer, develops game strategies, and strategize's for the drive team.

The Programming team will construct the code, program motor controllers, make PID loops, and configures Limelight.

The electrical team decides the best and most efficient way to run wiring throughout the robot, attaches modules, runs pneumatic tubing, and mounts pneumatic accessories.

The build team fabricates robot parts, assists engineering, programs CNC mills,catalogues the weight/price/quantity of parts on the robot, constructs the final BOM, and assembles the robot.

The Marketing department, decides on promotional items for the season, designs team apparel, works on team branding, designs pit awards, creates logos needed for events, makes badges, and assists the business team with sponsor branding within our team.

The media team runs social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube), takes photos, develops weekly update videos, edits event recap videos, and records podcasts.

The Business team will maintain relationships with current sponsors, work to gain full community awareness of our team and what we do, organize fundraising events,helps other departments order materials, send out weekly newsletter to sponsors/parents/and the world to view, monitors the budget, and helps out the local community.

The STEP team manages tool check-out/in, maintain safe working environment, create a safety presentation for team along with a safety quiz, and work with business to catalogue parts (KOP and other).

The chairman's team writes the essay and executive summaries, develops presentation, video outline and develop video, trains other team members on information regarding the team and its history.