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Congrats Class of 2021!

Congrats on your great accomplishment FRC 4607, C.I.S. Seniors!

Start of 2021: Interviews

Recent give-backs in our school

Nick's mailcart

This year during our build season we wanted to give back to a couple people in our school. Nick is a 10th grader and helps deliver mail to all the staff within our school. He had a normal media center cart with no handle on it with little to no organization. The team met with Nick and his Para's to find out a little more about Nick and his tasks.

After the meeting the team went through a design process to better meet Nick's needs. 4607 members fabricated a handle for the top of the cart to help his posture. For a personal touch we put pictures of him and his family on top and then added a file organize. Nick loves secret compartments so bolted on a lock box and then painted the whole cart blue (Nick's favorite color). Lastly we hand-painted racing flames and some of his favorite things onto the sides.

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