In silico

Together with a team of applied mathematicians from York University, we developed an in silico model of labour process providing insight into cardiovascular and metabolic responses of the fetus during the trial of labour.

This in silico model could serve as a low-cost testing ground for validation of physiological hypotheses relevant to devising more efficient fetal health monitoring technologies. Conversely, new physiological data can be used to continuously refine the model and use the model to infer physiological variables that cannot be measured directly.

I am inviting data science / computer science / engineering professionals and trainees interested in porting this model (currently written in Matlab) into an online app accessible to all.

Qiming Wang, Martin G Frasch, Huaxiong Huang, and Steven Wang. Mathematical modeling of cardiovascular and metabolic responses to umbilical cord occlusions in fetal sheep. Bulletin of Mathematical Biology. 2015 Dec;77(12):2264-93. doi: 10.1007/s11538-015-0122-4.