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Protocols and data sets

Fetal sheep model in vivo protocol

Fetal sheep in vivo - in vitro protocol to derive primary microglia and astrocytes cultures: a multi-hit model

Synchronous fetal near term and maternal sheep ECG recordings | The respective paper

Manipulation of α7 nicotinic acetylcholine receptor signaling in primary ovine fetal microglia cultures


Martin G. Frasch, Silvia Lobmaier, Tamara Stampalija, Paula Desplats, María Eugenia Pallarés, Verónica Pastor, Marcela Brocco, Hau-tieng Wu, Jay Schulkin, Christophe Herry, Andrew Seely, Gerlinde A.S. Metz, Yoram Louzoun, Marta Antonelli. Non-invasive biomarkers of fetal brain development reflecting prenatal stress: an integrative multi-scale multi-species perspective on data collection and analysis. arXiv:1801.00257 [q-bio.QM]

C Shen, MG Frasch, HT Wu, CL Herry, M Cao, A Desrochers, G Fecteau, P Burns. Non-invasive acquisition of fetal ECG from the maternal thorax: a feasibility study and a call for open data sets. arXiv:1708.09526 []

Ruilin Li, Martin G. Frasch, Hau-tieng Wu. Efficient fetal-maternal ECG signal separation from two channel maternal abdominal ECG via diffusion-based channel selection. arXiv:1702.02025 []

Nathan Gold, Martin G. Frasch, Christophe Herry, Bryan S. Richardson, Xiaogang Wang. A Doubly Stochastic Change Point Detection Algorithm for Noisy Biological Signals. Front. Physiol., 05 January 2018 |

Martin G Frasch, Christophe Herry, Yui Niu, Dino A. Giussani. First evidence that intrinsic fetal heart rate variability exists and is affected by chronic hypoxia. 2018.



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