Florham Park Public Schools 1:1 Program


Beginning in the 2016-2017 school year, every student in 6th grade will receive a Chromebook provided by the Florham Park School District that will remain with them throughout their time at Ridgedale Middle School. The Florham Park Public School District is committed to making available to all students and staff members access to a wide range of electronic learning facilities, equipment, and software including computers, computer network systems, and the Internet. The goal in providing this technology and access is to support educational objectives and the mission of the Florham Park School District to prepared to meet future educational challenges, empower creative, self-sufficient learners who maximize their strengths and talents and contribute as responsible participants in their ever expanding world.

The district has purchased an Acer Chromebook. Included with the Chromebook will be a district provided case that the Chromebook must stay in at all times. The contents on this website will provide detailed information about this initiative. Please navigate through the different pages to read information about the various topics.