Disability-Inclusion Resources

for Employment,

Coaching, and Training

An Online Resource and Learning Center

Supporting Socio-Economic Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities

in Low and Middle Income Countries

A project supported by:

Mission of the project

DIRECT is an online resource and learning center focused on advocating, supporting, and advancing socio-economic participation of persons with disabilities through meaningful work and social participation. The focus of DIRECT is specifically on low and middle income countries (LMICs) through non-resource-intensive policies, strategies, and interventions. However, we believe these strategies can be a benefit for inclusive socio-economic participation in any country, regardless of resource availability.

Introduction to DIRECT

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Introduction to DIRECT, our project, and our work in Bhutan

Background Paper

Inclusive employment and social participation for young adults with disabilities

Background Paper read by Dr. Matthew Schuelka

Institute on Community Integration, University of Minnesota

Fora Education

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Resouce Topic Areas

Module 1

Self-Determination and Self-Advocacy

Module 2

Person-Centered Planning

Module 3

Principles of Inclusive Employment

Module 4

Measuring Employment and Training Outcomes

Module 5

Accessibility and Accommodation for Post-Secondary Education and the Workplace

Module 6

Supporting Transition and Work-Based Learning

Module 7

Customized and Supported Employment

Module 8

Entrepreneurship and Self-Employment

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