Supporting Parent Choice in Education

Home Education with Fort McMurray School Division

FMPSD’s at-home learning programs are designed for families who wish for flexibility in their child’s education. We offer a wide variety of program choices and FMPSD staff will work with parents to select a program that best fits their child’s needs. To see an in-depth description of our programs please click here.

FMPSD’s Home Education Center strives to build a strong community of home education families. We offer the following services and supports to home education families in Fort McMurray free of charge:

  • In-person and virtual consultation with a home education manager.

  • Virtual or in-person consultation with certificated teachers in choosing and creating your home education curriculum that are experts in the subject matter.

If you would like more details on any of our programs or would like some assistance in helping you to choose, please contact Sarah Hiscock at 780-714-3434 or

New Info Regarding Home Education Supports from Minister Adriana LaGrange. Please click here to access the website.