This page contains links that are for employees, contractors & CFIs. 

Annual TSA Security Awareness Training

Employees & CFI's are required to complete annual TSA Security Awareness Training as directed by 49 CFR 1552.23

This document must be signed and have associated with it your employee ID or your CFI Number. This document must also indicate whether it is recurrent or initial training. When completed, upload the completed certificate to Flight Circle and our web form FTP Security Training

FTP Safety Program

In addition to Aviation Safety Reporting System, FTP provides an opportunity to increase operational safety through suggestions as well as reporting anomalies in the training environment. If you have a suggestion or observe something that appears unsafe, please report it using the link below. If there is something of an urgent nature, verbally report it to the pilot shop or call 911 as needed. 

Aviation Safety Reporting System(ASRS) is an important facet of the continuing effort by government, industry, and individuals to maintain and improve aviation safety. The ASRS collects voluntarily submitted aviation safety incident/situation reports from pilots, controllers, and others. Use the link below. 

Flight Instructors (Including chief , assistant chief, and check pilots)

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Aircraft Maintenance Observation Report-Documentation of any mechanical issues. 


Student feedback is accomplished through a variety of mechanisms. Formal 141 style feedback is accomplished through the QR codes in the classroom are limited to CFI access.

CFI Website (Internal)

Private Pilot Website (Internal)

Instrument Pilot Website (Internal)

Commercial Pilot Website (Internal)

Multi-Engine Pilot Website (Internal)

CFI Academy Website (Internal)

Social Media

Image and Video Upload

Checkout Procedures


Flight Instructor

Special Checkouts


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