mobile burn unit

important Changes to the mbu structure

Get the MBU when you want the MBU

No more schedule limiting the MBU to “the traveling schedule”. We’re still going to be operating on a week to week basis but now you can have the unit when it works best for your training schedule. Availability will be on a first book, first schedule basis.


For the first time since 2010 we’re changing the plan and moving to a five day operation. Wednesday - Friday Courses 6 pm - 10 pm, Saturday & Sunday Courses 8am - 5pm or Split 8am - 12 & 1pm - 5pm

longer classes

The #1 complaint from students has always been “I wish we had more time” & “Three hours was not enough”. We’re putting an extra hour on every evening and every split half day course making them 4 hours.


Every course offered on the Mobile Burn Unit can now accommodate up to 16 students.


No more budget math, guessing how many students you “think” are attending. Each four hour session (6 PM - 10PM, 8AM - 12PM or 1PM to 5 PM) is now a $1,500.00 flat rate for Volunteer Fire Departments in Nova Scotia, $1,400.00 if your Department is a member of NSFS. 16 students @ $1,500.00 = $93.75 per student!