WA State Business Leadership Conference

The Washington State Business Leadership Conference is Wednesday, April 4 - Saturday, April 7, 2018 in Bellevue, WA. The cost for this conference is approximately $400. Students must qualify at the Puget Sound Winter Regional Competitive Events Conference to be eligible to attend.

2018 WA State Conference Winners

American Enterprise Project, 2nd Place, Kearah Kraus, Alyssa Kreg, & Christina Masnyy

Broadcast Journalism, 9th Place, Grace Mattson & Ella Pierson

Business Plan, 8th Place, Gavin Georgitsis

Client Service, 4th Place, Taylor Hospenthal

Community Service Project, 4th Place, Darrion Brunelle & Casey White

Computer Problem Solving, 4th Place, Alyx Gibbs

Cyber Security, 9th Place, Alyx Gibbs

Cyber Security, 1st Place, Kyle Roscoe

Digital Video Production, 9th Place, Grace Mattson & Ella Pierson

Emerging Business Issues, 9th Place, Darrion Brunelle, Carson Lilley, & Zach Storem

Emerging Business Issues, 2nd Place, Helene Hartifled & Christina Masnyy

Graphic Design, 6th Place, Mattie Jollie, Amy La, & Alberto Mendoza

Help Desk, 9th Place, Alyx Gibbs

Help Desk, 3rd Place, Cade Lilley

Job Interview, 1st Place, Alyssa Kreg

Mobile Application Development, 9th Place, Richard Tran

Networking Concepts, 6th Place, Alyx Gibbs

Parliamentary Procedures, 4th Place, Taylor Hospenthal, Cade Lilley, Christina Masnyy, Kelly Phan, & Kyle Roscoe

Public Speaking, 6th Place, Nick McElwain

Sales Presentation, 1st Place, Alyssa Kreg

Fife High School, Gold Level Chapter

Christina Masnyy, 2018-2019 WA State President