The Art Room at Orchard View


Welcome to the Orchard View Art Room where the OV Hawks get to use their creativity and prior experience to problem solve, explore questions, and discuss their ideas and observations about Art. Here you'll find links to curriculum information, student examples, learning extensions, and fundraising opportunities. Check back frequently for updates on projects and student learning.

An art room couldn't be complete without a little organization, color coding, and labeling so students can find their materials quickly and independently.

Early finishers are encouraged to continue practicing their new learned skills and techniques by visiting the Early Finisher's Station. This is where students can further explore their learning by working applying what they know through various art materials laid out for them to choose.

The art room is a magical place where students get to explore art materials, work collaboratively, and gain a better understanding of the world around them. With each project taught, students are introduce to different artists, cultures, and core curriculum like Language Arts, Math, and Science. Each class is sat in small groups where team building skills are fostered with rotating art jobs and group projects. Students share their learning with their elbow partners and observe their peers' learning with gallery strolls at the end of projects.