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COVID-19 Resources

We recommend you look at the following resources for reliable and accurate COVID-19 information:

Reliable, accurate information from the MN Department of Health

CDC tips to keep children healthy while school’s out.

Guidance from the CDC on what to do if you're sick

Looking for free activities for your wellness? Check out our Wellness Site for a great list of free resources for getting active at home.

Otter Tail County Public Health resources and ideas for students, parents, and families.

Welcome to the Health Services Home Page!

The mission of health services is to support students and staff in promoting positive health practices and limiting the effects of health conditions. Health services collaborates with the educational team to create a school environment that supports student health and limits barriers to learning.

Our goal in Health Services is to keep your child safe and healthy. Healthy children are better learners.

Fergus Falls health services provides a variety of services to assist students. Some of them include:

  • Basic Illness and Injury Care

  • Hearing and Vision Screening

  • Medication Administration

  • Health related IEP and 504 nursing assessments

  • Health education for students and staff

  • Individual Health Plans and Emergency Care Plans for students with chronic health conditions

  • Assessment and data collection for homebound tutoring

It is sometimes hard to know when a child should stay home from school and when a child should attempt to come to school, even though they may have a mild illness. Here are some reasons that kids must stay home from school:

  • A fever greater than 100 degrees- students must stay home for 24 hours after they are fever free (without medication), until that time they are still infectious.

  • Diarrhea

  • Vomiting more than two times in a 24 hour period

  • Mouth sores with drooling

  • Unidentified rash that cannot be covered or is distracting to the student

  • Drainage from the eye

  • Specific illnesses may require a defined period of absence from school

Contact the health office if you have questions.

When to stay home from school