First District RESA Endorsement Programs

FDRESA is currently offering the following Endorsements:

Coaching Endorsement:

This course is divided into two courses consisting of 5 PLUs each and must be taken in sequence. Completion of the two courses is required in order to add the Coaching Endorsement to an exiting level 4 professional teaching certificate or higher.

Courses: 1) Fundamentals of Coaching; 2) Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment

Computer Science Endorsement:

The computer science endorsement consists of four courses that provides candidates with the opportunity to increase their computer science content and pedagogical knowledge and prepares them to teach computer science in grades P-12.

Courses: 1) Computational Thinking and Programming Basics; 2) Computers for a Connected World; and 3) Methods of Computer Science

Dyslexia Endorsement:

The Dyslexia endorsement consists of three courses that prepares candidates to recognize the characteristics of Dyslexia and support students with Dyslexia in the field and at the grade levels of their base certification.

Courses: 1) Understanding Language Development and Dyslexia; 2) Assessment and Evidence-Based Reading Instruction for Students with Dyslexia; and 3) Methods in Multi-Sensory Instruction and Interventions.

ESOL Endorsement:

The ESOL series prepares educators to demonstrate competency in addressing the instructional, language, and cultural needs of students whose first language is not English in the Georgia Public Schools.

Courses: 1) Methods and Materials in TESOL; 2) Cultural Issues in TESOL; and 3) Applied Linguistics in TESOL.

Gifted Endorsement:

The gifted series prepares teachers to identify the gifted learner, plan challenging instruction to meet their needs, explain the evaluation process under Georgia rules, and analyze program options for the gifted.

Courses: 1) Characteristics of the Gifted; 2) Assessment of the Gifted; 3) Curriculum and Program Development for Gifted; and 4) Methods and Materials for Teaching the Gifted

Online Personalized Learning Endorsement:

This endorsement program is designed to prepare candidates to model personalized learning in the field and at the grade level of their base certification.

Courses: 1) Shifting Paradigms; 2) Shifting Mindsets; and 3) Shifting Practices

Online Teaching Endorsement:

The target audience for this course is professional educators who desire to enter the world of online teaching and learning. Even though there is no certification for "teaching college" - the online teaching skills learned would be so helpful in any position. If a person ever returned to a school teaching at his/her base certificate field - he/she would have new "extended" skills from the endorsement.

Courses: 1) Foundations of Online Instruction; 2) Designing Online Instruction; and 3) Teaching Online Courses

Reading Endorsement:

This course is designed to provide candidates with a conceptual and instructional framework based for teaching reading and writing in the content areas. Realizing that much of what is read involves information texts (e.g., books, magazines, newspaper, instructions, directions, textbooks, and other content sources) this course will provide candidate with research-based strategies to help readers comprehend such text structures.

Courses: 1) Foundations of Teaching Reading; 2) Teaching Reading and Writing in the Content Area; 3) Reading Assessment, Diagnosis, and Evaluation

Potential candidates should understand that the rigor of the program is expected to be equivalent to a graduate degree program. The syllabus for each of the courses should be reviewed by each potential candidate prior to application. Each course requires 50 contact hours and successful completion of all coursework.

***Some endorsements are offered via franchise agreements with other Georgia RESAs.