The STEM Bus

Fayette County Public Schools

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S.T.E.M. Bus picture in front of the Fayette County Public Schools' Board of Education Building

The Current State

The STEM Bus is rolling out to elementary schools all across Fayette County. We are currently on a two year cycle to all 40 elementary schools and programs. Also, be on the look out for STEM Bus appearances at community events this spring and summer. Check out our Calendar of Events!

Kids standing in front of the S.T.E.M. Bus excited to go on. Kids are jumping for excitement.

Student Approved

Arlington's third graders were excited to be the first on Fayette County's STEM Bus.

Meet the Teachers

Ashley Faulkner and Shad Lacefield

High Tech, High Engagement

Each lesson is designed to allow students to engage in their STEM learning by using the latest technology and creating with no technology.

The Beginning

Mobile learning labs have gradually become more and more popular in the last few years. This dream, all started with a crazy idea in the technology department at Fayette County Public Schools. We wanted to provide elementary students in Fayette County the opportunity to have a hands-on STEM lab and makerspace field trip come to them at no cost to the school. The Office of Instructional Technology decided to get an old bus from transportation and make it over into a learning space. A local non-profit organization dedicated to promoting technology in education, The Kloiber Foundation, hopped on-board to provide grant funding of $124,000 to refurbish and design the bus. In conjunction with NOMI Design, the bus began its journey from a 40 foot school bus into a 21st century learning space equipped with the latest technology and STEM resources for students.

"With a cost far cheaper than outfitting every school with these resources, the STEM Bus should provide many schools who lack the funding, the opportunity to utilize new and innovative teaching tools that would otherwise be out of reach." ~The Kloiber Foundation

The Future

The future goal of the STEM Bus is to provide all elementary students with the opportunity to engage in 21st century hands-on learning experiences aligned with a STEM career field. and provide teachers with quality professional development. Through hands-on module work and visits to all 39 elementary schools in Fayette County as well as appearances throughout the community, we will be expanding from third graders to include other elementary grade levels.