Why was my student nominated for AVID?

The AVID Elective is a college readiness course. Your student was nominated or selected because he/she is showing potential to not only enroll and succeed in rigorous courses, but to be on track to attend any college. AVID is not a remedial course. Students in the AVID Elective enroll in rigorous courses and receive the support needed to succeed in those courses. Your student has been identified as someone who has potential and could benefit from the skills that will be taught and the peer community in the AVID Elective class. The educators at your student’s school believe your child can improve and succeed academically as they prepare for college and a career with the help of AVID.

How can I find out more about the AVID Application process?

Recruitment for the AVID elective classes begins in December for the upcoming school year. Your child's AVID Site Team may promote the AVID elective through invitations to specific students based upon teacher recommendations and individual student sessions. If you believe AVID may be a good fit for your student, please contact the AVID Site Coordinator for the school your child will attend the following school year.

What can I do to support my child in the AVID Elective class?

AVID has resources available to help you support your child in the AVID Elective and with their schoolwork. The best way to support your child is to understand the expectations of their AVID Elective teacher and support them at home in meeting those expectations. Also, contact your child’s school for additional ways you can support AVID and get involved.

Why do AVID students have to take advanced coursework?

Students in the academic middle often move through our educational systems without any special recognition, positive or negative. While many of these students go on to graduate from high school, they are often not college-ready upon graduation. When a school has AVID, students in the AVID Elective and throughout the school are held to higher expectations and given the support they need to succeed and prepare for postsecondary opportunities. By pushing students into more rigorous coursework, encouraging, assisting, and advocating for them every day, AVID greatly increase their likelihood of making it to and through college.

My child is not in the AVID Elective. How does he/she benefit?

AVID is designed to impact the leadership, systems, instruction and culture of a school to support high expectations and levels of achievement for all students. AVID impacts students throughout the school when trained teachers use AVID strategies to influence the academic and behavioral skills of their students in all content classes. Although AVID is an elective course for selected students, ALL students will benefit because the methodologies, strategies, and expectations are schoolwide and impact the learning environment and culture of an entire campus.