AVID Tutors

AVID Tutors in Fayetteville Public Schools

AVID Tutors are essential to the success of the AVID elective class where they facilitate student success in advanced classes. AVID tutors work in AVID elective classes in FPS.

Each secondary school has AVID classes in which tutors are needed one to two days each week to work with small groups of students. College students are highly desirable as tutors because they serve as positive college role models for the AVID students.

All tutors receive formal training in AVID methodologies and good tutoring procedures. Tutors are paid $10 per hour for tutoring within the school day and for their required 16 hours of tutor training.

What is an AVID Tutor?

History records that Socrates was the "first tutor" because he taught by asking his students questions. He refused to make authoritative statements, encouraging his students to discover truths through their own thinking processes. Socrates was also reputed to be adaptable and good humored - qualities all good AVID tutors possess.

Tutors are essential to the success of the AVID elective class, where they facilitate student access to rigorous curriculum. As students from colleges and universities, tutors receive formal training and also serve as role models. AVID students who continue their education in college often return to the program as tutors.

Interested in Becoming a Tutor?

If you are interested in becoming an AVID tutor, please contact Julie Agler, Woodland AVID Coordinator or AVID District Director Lesley Merritt.