Citizen input led to a five-year Strategic Plan called Vision 2020: a focused set of district priorities with objectives, time frames and assessments attached to each one. Working with the Strategic Planning committee including parents, community members, civic leaders and business owners, the district administration and the board of education focused on the educational program first, and overhauled the curriculum in ways that resulted in stronger academic achievement proven, in part, by high student achievement. As an example of how #FHLeads, Knollwood recently was ranked 3rd in the state for student achievement!

The remaining objectives of the Strategic Plan focus on facility upgrades that are necessary to support additional program improvements. The plan calls for facilities that support 21st Century learning, and that create a safe and secure environment.

Not all goals could be met in a way that balanced educational improvements with taxpayer resources, so school leaders pared down the list. Guiding them was this mandate: The idea must significantly change the way Fair Haven educates its students. These are the projects that made the list:

Overall Budget

Tax Impact