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About the ICE-Indiana Conference

Continuing a tradition of supporting hoosier educators for nearly 40 years, ICE-Indiana is a conference on the move. The conference features internationally-recognized keynote and spotlight speakers, teacher-led sessions and workshops, and a rich array of other activities designed around excellent teaching and learning in the Digital Age. As the Indiana ISTE-affiliate conference, we are a hub for Future Ready thought leaders and passionate educators from across the midwest. Come see what can happen when you share your voice with connected educators!

General Information

Our conference offers more than just content sessions. We work hard to provide all kinds of learning opportunities and networking events, so that educators who attend ICE-Indiana feel that they found what they were looking for. Special events include our popular Technology Playground and Gamer Space, Model Maker Space, Tweet-Ups and Receptions, the Indiana's Got EdTech Talent Event, Contests and Giveaways, Technology Smackdowns, eCoaches EdCamp, Panel Discussions, and much more.

Our attendees come from all areas of education including K-12 and post-secondary, with the largest portion coming from K-12 backgrounds. We also draw visitors from as far away as Florida and California, but our main audience is local to Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio and Illinois, due to our convenient location within 4 hours of Chicago, St. Louis, Cincinnati, and Louisville.

Another feature of our conference that we are very proud of is our affordability. We are able to offer this remarkable experience for $80 per day, including continental breakfast and catered lunch.

We understand that your time and resources are valuable, and we believe that the ICE-Indiana Conference is a worthwhile investment for the following reasons:

  • Reach- The Indiana Connected Educators Conference serves more than ____ educators annually from more than ____ different school districts, universities, and other organizations.
  • Reputation- The Indiana Connected Educators Conference is a well-established, ISTE-affiliate conference that is growing annually, and that is loved by our attendees.
  • Return on Investment- We work hard to craft a relationship with you that serves your needs as a sponsor and brings you value.
  • Recognition- We don’t invite just anyone to be part of our conference. We pride ourselves on the integrity of our message that the companies featured at ICE-Indiana are valued by educators and vetted through experience.
  • Reward- Our mission is a good one. We truly believe that along with our sponsors, we make a difference in the lives of thousands of teachers and students.

If you need more information about ICE-Indiana or about our conference, or would like to discuss a possible sponsorship, please feel free to contact us with this form.

By the Numbers

Attendee Breakdown:

  • 20% Decision Makers (33% of whom are in cabinet level positions).
  • 38% Influencers (including coaches, specialists, and higher ed)
  • 39% Teachers
  • 3% Other/Undisclosed

Conference Feedback:

  • 100% of attendees said they would recommend the ICE-Indiana conference to a friend.
  • 100% of attendees rated the overall conference experience at ICE-Indiana as Good or Excellent.
  • 91% of attendees rated the exhibitor experience at ICE-Indiana as Good or Excellent.
  • 100% rated the conference session content at ICE-Indiana as Good or Excellent.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where and when is the 2018 ICE-Indiana Conference?

The 2018 ICE-Indiana Conference will be held at Noblesville High School, located at 18111 Cumberland Rd, Noblesville, IN 46060. The conference will run on October 11th & 12th from 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM EST.

What is the best way to get to Noblesville?

Noblesville is located just north of Indianapolis. You can check it out on Google Maps here. If you are flying in for the conference, book your flight to the Indianapolis International Airport. You can Uber from there to Noblesville in 45-60 minutes. If you are driving from Indianapolis, take Interstate 465 to Interstate 69 to IN-37.

Who is the ICE-Indiana Conference's target audience?

Our target audience is K-12 educators who are interested in improving teaching and learning in the Digital Age. As an ISTE-affiliate conference we are regional in nature, serving Indiana and our neighboring states. We work to ensure a slate of content that will appeal to a wide range of educators, including pre-service and classroom teachers, building and district leaders, media specialists, and professional development specialists.

How does the ICE-Indiana Conference break down demographically?

Last year, ICE-Indiana served over 600 attendees from more than 200 separate school districts, universities and other organizations. Our attendees came from 19 states from as far away as California and Florida. As a regional conference, the majority of our attendees come from Indiana and the surrounding states. While we have some attendees who come from higher education, the majority work in K-12 education. 58% of our attendees have roles in education as influencers or decision-makers.

Can I have access to your attendee contact information?

Yes. Attendee contact information is made available to sponsors upon request. At the time of registration attendees have the opportunity to opt out from sharing their contact information.

How will you be advertising the ICE-Indiana Conference?

We promote the ICE-Indiana conference throughout the year through direct communication to our membership, through relevant educational networks and circles locally and nationally, through social media, and via cross-promotions with our various partners and contributors.

I have materials to ship. Where do I send them?

Any materials for the conference can be shipped to the Indiana Connected Educators Conference, C/O Christy Steffen, Noblesville High School, 18111 Cumberland Rd, Noblesville, IN 46060. Please contact Tim Wilhelmus, Michele Eaton, or Christy Steffen if you have any questions.

Are there opportunities to exhibit and/or present?

Absolutely. We offer a wide variety of opportunities to both exhibit in our learning commons and present content. These opportunities are based on our Sponsorship Levels. If you are interested in exploring these opportunities, begin by filling out our Sponsorship Interest Form.

What do I need to know about exhibiting at the ICE-Indiana Conference?

  • Set-Up- The Learning Commons will be open on October 10th (2018) for exhibitor set-up from 11:00 AM until 5:00 PM. Exhibitors may also set up in the morning of October 11th, beginning at 6:30 AM.
  • Tear-Down- The Learning Commons is open on October 11th-12th (2018) from 8:00-3:30. However, we understand that some organizations will need to break down exhibits before 3:30 on the 12th. If this is the case, we ask that you keep your exhibit in place through lunch on October 12th (Noon EST).
  • Schedule- We have 3 times during the day that our Learning Commons is open without sessions being offered: before the first sessions in the morning, during our lunch, and durning 2 30-minute sessions in which content is throttled. Additionally, there are scheduled collaboration times throughout the day of 15 minutes between sessions to allow attendees to explore other offerings including the Learning Commons which runs the length of the venue and is VERY high traffic. In fact, the area is also where most attendees eat lunch.
  • What is provided- We provide an 8 foot table with skirting and pipe and drape. We also provide electricity, and we have a robust wireless network to accommodate Internet access. If you have additional needs, we can discuss that on a case by case basis.

How do I become a Sponsor?

Begin by completing our Sponsorship Interest Form. We will reach out to you to set up a time to discuss our various Sponsorship Levels.

Who do I contact regarding vendor participation and sponsorship?

Begin by completing our Sponsorship Interest Form. We will reach out to you to set up a time to discuss our various Sponsorship Levels. If you want to reach out directly, you can also contact Tim Wilhelmus, Michele Eaton, or Christy Steffen.

In addition to sponsorship, what are other ways that I can support the ICE-Indiana Conference?

There are many ways that an organization or individual can contribute to the ICE-Indiana Conference, including but not limited to:

  • Cash and In-Kind Donations
  • Standard and Special Sponsorships
  • Providing Spotlight Content
  • Providing Branded Giveaways for Attendee and Speaker Packets
  • Providing Larger Single Item Giveaways
  • Helping to Promote the Event

For a complete list of our sponsorships visit our Sponsorship Levels document. If you would like to support the ICE-Indiana Conference in any way and would like to discuss what is possible, please fill out our Sponsorship Interest Form, or reach out directly by contacting Tim Wilhelmus, Michele Eaton, or Christy Steffen.

Sponsorship Levels

For a more detailed description of sponsorship levels and opportunities, check out our prospectus at this link.