Get The Fun Started Early!

ICE-Indiana Has Lots of Opportunities for Those Who Like to Lead the Pack:

Full-Day Workshops

If you are looking for an even deeper learning experience with amazing experts, we encourage you to check out our Pre-Conference Workshops. These opportunities include a full day of hands-on learning in smaller groups with recognized thought-leaders. Seating is limited, so claim your spot today!

Session: Build A 3D Printer from Scratch

Presenter: Kim Brand, CEO of First Maker Space

Cost: $499

Description: Our special all day 3D Printer Preconference workshop is an instructor-led course designed to help you learn how to assemble and operate a 3D printer. That's right, you could build an open-source Prusa i3 Mk2 3D printer!

Every participant receives: 3D Printer Parts Kit, 2GB Micro SD Card, Complete Assembly Instructions, Assembly Tool Kit, Nozzle Cleaning Kit, Borosilicate Glass Build Plate for More Reliable Printing, PLA Filament, USB Thumb Drive with Setting Files, Documentation, and Starter 3D Models, 3D Printing for Dummies Book (2nd Edition).

NOTE: Participation in this Workshop requires registration by August 31st.

Session: Bringing Disney Imagineering Magic Into Your Classroom

Presenter: Brian Collins, Former Disney imagineer

Cost: $149

Description: In this full-day workshop, former Walt Disney Imagineer Brian Collins will take you on a magical journey and discuss how you can bring the magic right into your own classrooms!

It will be a fun-filled, engaging and interactive exploration in which he’ll cover such topics as: Understanding the Creative Process to Make Your Dreams Come True Seeing Yourself as an Imagineer and Developing Your Imagineering Mindset Dreaming Big and Imagining Magical Classroom Possibilities

If you and your students have ever wished upon a star, then this unique and rare workshop is for you!

Session: Cinematic Narrative in the Classroom

Speaker: Rushton Hurly, Executive Director of Next Vista for Learning

Cost: $149

Description: This workshop will guide you on how to teach media literacy in your classroom to get students to stop blindly consuming what is being presented on the screen and start using it to tell their own story. We will help you develop the skills to create, collaborate on, and publish classroom videos. No longer are classrooms tied to expensive and complex cameras and editing programs. Using free online tools and machines that fit into your pocket, we will discover just how easy it is to create meaningful assignments using video. With the help of clips and projects, we will show you how using video in the classroom can help initiate wonder and spawn questions. When students and teachers understand the basics of media language, they can understand what is being show to them and communicate back with the tool that everyone seems to embrace today.

Session: The Next Step in Student Engagement: Interactive, Collaborative Tools that Give Students a Voice!

Speaker: Ken Shelton, Educational Technology Strategist for EdTechTeam

Cost: $149

Description: Give every student in your class a voice and engage students in ways you’ve never seen. Come to this workshop to explore ways to enliven discussions, check for understanding, promote collaboration, and give every student a voice in your class. We will explore apps such as Socrative, Today's Meet, and others PLUS have workshop time to play with these tools!

eCoach EdCamp

Coach edCamp is an incredible opportunity for eLearning coaches by any name to come together for a participant-driven day of learning. If you haven’t participated in edcamp style learning, you can expect a day during which you learn with other educators as we all share our experience and explore topics of our choosing.

What makes edCamp different is that there are no predetermined speakers or sessions: we truly make the day what we want it to be! Throughout the day, you will self-select the topics that you are interested in and join that group for collaboration and conversation. Coach edCamp is a full day event that is free to all attendees.