About Us

Statement of Purpose

To promote mutual learning, understanding, trust and respect between people of different faiths and cultures, interacting for the good of the whole community

Vision and Objectives

Within the interfaith vision we pursue the idea of longing for real understanding of the unity of all humanity; then these three thoughts may be helpful on our journey:

First – Many of us are people of prayer. The diverse prayers are offered as separated neighbours, never as strangers.

Second - There is only one Humanity, and one Divinity to whom, or within whom, we all pray.

Third - Despite the disagreements that have divided us, the things we agree on are many and precious. The things we disagree on are precious too.

The History & Development of SSIF

The concept of a local interfaith group was conceived by Canon Noel Beattie from Church Stretton. Following visits to the Muslim community in Craven Arms and after stimulating interest from local faith groups the forum began to take shape. A few interfaith events were organised and interest became to escalate.

On 7 October 2008 the first AGM was held and a committee elected to serve SSIF for the coming year. Details of the current SSIF Executive and it’s Constitution can be found on the Formal stuff page

Many meetings and outings have taken place over the last few years and lasting friendships have been formed. The Forum continues to grow & debate the place of Faith in our communities life of today.

The SSIF logo (bottom of the page) encompasses the key religious symbols known in our region.

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