Craven Arms Islamic Centre

We are the Craven Arms Islamic Centre

Eid Mubarak! Friday 16-June 11am

The new moon has been sighted (see Moonsighting page) so therefore Eid will be on Friday 16th June.

Eid Bayaan will start at 11am with Eid Salah sharp at 11.30am. Brothers will pray upstairs in the function room by the masjid with sisters praying in the main masjid area. Everyone is invited for food at 12pm with non-Muslim friends and neighbours especially encouraged to attend. Jumah salah will be at 1.30pm after lunch.

#VisitMyMosque, Sunday 18th February 2018, Craven Arms, Drop-in 12-5pm.

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Please browse through our website and find out more about us, we have tried to provide all the information you need to find out who we are, what we believe and how we are involved in the local community, below we list what facilities we offer at the centre:

· ​5 times daily prayer include Jumah (Friday prayers)​​​

· Women facilities

· Ramadan activities (month of fasting)

· Eid-al-Fitr and Eid-al-Adha prayers

· Madressa (Schooling) for young children

· Islamic classes

· Visits for schools, interfaith and educational organisations

· Open-access for local community members (please email the Imam to arrange)​

· Counselling

· Nikah services (Islamic Marriage)

· Shariah Advice (Islamic Law)