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May 2019 Salah Timetable

Salah is forbidden at the following times:

1. Sunrise: From sunrise till 15 minutes after sunrise

2. Zawal: From 10 minutes before Zuhr time till Zuhr time.

3. Sunset: From 5 minutes before Magrib till Magrib time


This timetable was constructed for Craven Arms latitude and longitude using the Muslim astronomer website:


Asr time has been calculated based on one shadow. Isha time has been calculated using the Hanafi (Shafaq General) method. For more information on how the salah times are calculated, please visit:


Ramadhan 1440/2019 Timetable


Internationally: please support Ummah Welfare Trust.

Locally: please support National Zakat Foundation.

Any Ramadan suggestions please discuss with Imam Saab or Alimah.


* Ramadan starts & ends according to moon sighting. Please see www.moonsighting.com for more information on global moon sighting.

Local Ramadan timetables in Shrewsbury, Telford and Wolverhampton have also been reviewed.

Please attend study circle on Islamic Time Calculations

Activities during Ramadan

DAILY - After Fajr: 1-minute Hadith,

After Zuhr: Taleem (15 mins)

After Asr: Bayaan (suggestions welcome) & Qur'an Tilawat,

Magrib: Collective Iftar, Maghrib salah, Isha & Taraweeh.

TARAWEEH - Daily After Isha: It is expected to finish the whole Qur'an during Ramadan, finishing on 27th night (the likely time of Laylatul-Qadr)

WOMEN'S ACTIVITIES - Daily 2pm-3pm. Suggestions welcome.

CHILDREN'S MAKTAB - Weekdays 5- 6pm (1 hour lessons for children focusing on hadith, prophetic stories and surahs)

WEEKEND - After Zuhr; Qur'an reading & miscellaneous topics (approx 1 hour).

Suggestions welcome.

ITIKAAF (spiritual retreat): Last 10 days performed in masjid.

note: You can also do nafl ITIKAAF for a weekend so make an intention insha'allah to spend some time in the masjid for an Imaan boost! Please contact the Imam or Alimah if you would like to partake.

EID-AL-FITR: Will be either Tuesday 4th or Wednesday 5th June (depending on moon sighting). A WhatsApp message will be sent to the CAIC WhatsApp group. Please send a WhatsApp message to be added to the group. Please check www.cravenarmsic.org or WhatsApp 07990 517 928 for exact confirmation, after Maghrib on Monday 3rd June.

EID SALAH: Jamaat time to be decided later. Eid Jamat will be followed by a collective meal in the masjid.

Please check www.cravenarmsic.org or WhatsApp 07990 517 928 for more information.

EID FITRANA: £5/person. Please give to Imam Saab asap – latest before Friday 31st May to enable distribution for Eid. Eid Fitrana is given to the poor so they can also celebrate Eid with the Ummah.

note: Please consider donating more than the minimum so that the poor can benefit from your generosity.

Standing in solidarity with our Christian brothers and sisters.

The Muslim community of Craven Arms expresses its strong condemnation of the terrorist attacks in Sri Lanka on Churches and Hotels and stands in solidarity with Christian brothers and sisters locally and worldwide.

Craven Arms Islamic Centre has joined its friends in the South Shropshire Inter Faith to issue a statement in response to this tragedy.

“Again I find myself writing as Chair of South Shropshire Inter Faith (SSIF) following a brutal attack on one of our Faith communities. When so many are brutally murdered and maimed we focus on the multitude of lives lost and those scarred forever through injury or bereavement - it becomes all too easy to become wrapped up in the number itself - the loss of one vibrant young woman in Northern Ireland is no less a tragedy than the atrocities against our Faith communities in Pittsburgh, Christchurch and now so terribly in Sri Lanka. Each of these is not just a crime against that Faith community, it is a crime against us all. Whilst SSIF stands in solidarity and offers condolences to all in the Christian world, we also stand in mourning ourselves for lost innocent human lives whether of Faith or of none.” Mark Michaels, Chair, South Shropshire Inter Faith.

Congratulations Abdul Haq

Mashallah, Abdul Haq recieved his red belt. All the hard work has paid off... for now. Until the next grading...

We are together

Thank you for your kind messages of support. It is a time for all members of our community, locally, nationally and globally to come together and stand side by side. Our heartfelt condolences and prayers are with the victims of this horrific terrorist attack that has unfolded in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Whenever a terrorist attack takes place on any people, it is not an attack just on them, but an attack on humanity at large. It is indeed a dark day for Muslims and the entire human race. We need to stand together to drive out all forms of extremism and hate from our communities.

The masjid is open to anyone who would like to express their support. Jummah (Friday) prayers today will be held at 1.20pm.

The Craven Arms Islamic Centre

15th March 2019

Thanks for Visiting

Over 250 people came from afar afield as Hereford on a cold, dark winters day. Visitors, including the fire service, police and paramedics, were given the opportunity to ask about Islam and enjoy friendly conversations over pakoras, zarda and tea.

We had over 250 visitors attending and folks from all over the County attended, lovely discussions took place and people enjoyed refreshments.A big thank you to all those who attended the event and also to our volunteers.

We hope to have more events and hope we can build bridges between Communities.

Imam Sohayb peerbhai

We would really appreciate it if anyone who attended filled out a feedback form as it will help us improve our events.


Islam shares the same Abrahamic heritage as Judaism and Christianity and, therefore, espouses many similar beliefs and practices. Among them are belief in angels, prophets and scriptures and practices such as prayer, fasting and charity. Adherents are called “Muslims” and number over 1.7 billion. They pray to Allah, the same God Jesus worshipped. Jesus called God “Eloi” (Mark 15:34). But the difference is in language only. Hispanics call God “Dios”. French call God “Dieu”. Arab Jews and Christians call God “Allah”. But they're all the same God. Muslims believe God revealed the same general message to all true prophets but that message was changed over time. To correct these changes, God revealed His will a final time in the Qur'an and promised to preserve it.