Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

Muslims believe that Muhammad PBUH (ca. 570 – 632 ) was God's Messenger sent to proclaim in Arabic the same revelation that had been proclaimed by earlier Jewish and Christian prophets, first to the Arabs and then to all people. The Quran provides some historical information about Muhammad's life, but fuller accounts are available in sirah (traditional biographies), hadith (reports of Muhammad's sayings and deeds), and general histories.

Muhammad PBUH grew up as an orphan in the tribe of Hashim under the guardianship of his uncle, Abu Talib . Details of his early life are not known with certainty. When he was twenty-five Muhammad was hired by a wealthy widow named Khadijah to oversee her caravan of goods to Syria. Muhammad later married her. They had four daughters who grew to adulthood and at least three sons, all of whom died in infancy. During her lifetime Khadijah was Muhammad's only wife. After her death, he married a widow named Sawdah . Khadijah and Sawdah were his only wives prior to the hijrah. Once in Medina, Muhammad contracted other marriages based on political alliances and his responsibilities as the head of the Muslim community.