Nebraska Educational Service Units

Teaching and Learning with Technology

What is the mission of the Teaching and Learning with Technology Affiliate (TLT)?

The mission of TLT is to connect Nebraska educators with resources, best practices, and emerging technologies to transform teaching and learning within the classroom. This support is provided through school improvement efforts, professional development, and coordinated statewide projects, services, and efforts.

TLT's Beliefs:

  • Every student is deserving of a high quality education that encourages and supports lifelong learning.

  • Professional development is founded on standards of excellence.

  • The work to which we aspire embraces service, collaboration, best practice, and diversity.

What are Educational Service Units?

Educational Service Units (ESUs) are highly skilled, technology-rich, and agile providers of cost-effective, instructional, technology, and special services to school districts, teachers, administrators and students in Nebraska. ESUs respond to a wide array of needs as determined by school district data and fulfill their mission of service by addressing traditional and emerging needs. They serve as essential links for learning and as a liaison between local schools and the Nebraska Department of Education. There are 17 ESUs across the state of Nebraska.

TLT Background

During the 2015-16 and 2016-17 year, memberships for the Nebraska Educational Service Units (ESU) affiliate groups, Technology Affiliate Group (TAG), Instructional Materials (IMat), and Distance Education Council (DEC), began dialogue to combine the efforts within the three groups based upon the fact that 46% of the membership served in multiple roles. Formalized discussion began during January of 2016; and because of the membership’s efforts, the concept of a newly formed affiliate, Teaching and Learning with Technology (TLT) evolved into the organization that we have today.