EPSB Awards & Scholarships

Every year, Edmonton Public Schools honours the exceptional performance and accomplishments of Division students. Students have the opportunity to be considered for school, Division and provincial awards, as well as community sponsored awards and scholarships.

For complete listings of opportunities, criteria, application information and deadlines, please visit the award sections below.

Kickstand Connect: Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Supports for Students and Families 

Kickstand Connect is a virtual walk-in-clinic for youth. Kickstand Connect is a free, confidential, low barrier wellness service for youth aged 12-25 and their families and caregivers. The services include mental health and substance use counseling, peer support, employment services, as well as free workshops and support groups. 

Registration and booking appointments for the services can be accessed through

9-8-8 Suicide Crisis Helpline

A safe space to talk, 24 hours a day, every day of the year. 


Kids Help Phone

It can be difficult to find the words to express how you're feeling with someone, especially if you don't share the same language. That's why Kids Help Phone is offering phone counselling in over 100 languages, with the help of trained interpreters, so you can tell us how you feel, in your own words.

Call  1-800-668-6868