Support Letter Guidelines

support letter guidelines:

  • Send to at least 75 people. Ideally you’ll send to 150 people. Yes, trust us! Don’t cross anyone off your list even if YOU think they can’t help you out. You never know who God will use to bless you this summer.
  • ALL CHECKS NEED TO BE MADE PAYABLE TO “Epic Movement” or “Cru” - this will save you great headaches later!!! You are not allowed to change the payee line on the check – a new check needs to be written if it’s made out to anyone else
  • Pray, pray, and pray some more!
  • Personalize the letter, even if it takes more time. DO IT! :) It makes a big difference.
  • Introduce/catch them up on what is going on in your life, comment on what is happening in theirs (if you know).
  • Take 20 minutes and just “brainstorm” different names of people—check your church directory, school, doctors, dentists, friends, sports clubs.
  • Keep it to one page; sign it yourself, and add a handwritten P.S. if you can. Here is a Sample Support Letter.
  • Have a staff member on your campus proof-read it before you print everything or send them out. If you don’t have staff on your campus and would like someone to proof it, show it to your Bible study leader, your college pastor at church, another Christian you respect, or email it to one of us!
  • Enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope—make it easy for them to support you! It may be best to have the checks sent to your home address, instead of at school—that means you will have to be diligent about getting the info and sending out thank-you notes! But that also means you won’t have to worry about people sending you checks to your school address after you left for the semester.
  • Tell them your specific need and what it is for.
  • Challenge/ask them for a specific amount. Don’t make “assumptions” about who you send letters to… let them make their own decisions. We’d suggest asking them for “$300, $200, $100, or some other amount”. Be bold!
  • Use something “eye-catching” on your letter – include pictures of yourself and beach graphics.
  • Remember to ask your church for support as well. Talk to your pastor and/or your missions committee members.
  • Send it ASAP!! The quicker you get letters sent out, the quicker you will hear back from them! And make the return date (“please return it to me by… “) 14 days after the letter is sent, so it won’t be “put aside” and forgotten.
  • Remember, if they don’t choose to support you, it’s not an indictment on your person or your character! You are still loved deeply by God, and you are giving them a chance to be involved in eternity through their investment in your summer.
  • Send THANK YOU NOTES as soon as you get the checks. That will be much easier than trying to write 75 notes while you are on summer mission. Then send them a postcard from Wildwood this summer! Yay! A general guideline is “THANK BEFORE YOU BANK!”